Over the course of a decades long musical career, Walter Lewis has ultimately managed to evoke the spirits of the old blues masters. His passionate delivery of standard and often obscure blues renditions imagines evidence of guidance from the ethereal realms.

Walter started his musical sojourn at the age of thirteen. The British Invasion inspired his  developing musical style. With a blues based influence, he pursued a career with rock n' roll, performing on the East Coast for many years. Later, Walter studied blues history, centering his attention on the Mississippi Delta as well as the regional culture and lifestyle of early blues men and women. He subsequently focused his style and craft on blues, receiving an award at the Apollo Theater Amateur Night in 1998 for his performance of Robert Johnson's, "Ramblin' on my mind". In 2006 Walter represented the CT Blues Society at the International Acoustic Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN.

Walter has been performing traditional, Delta and Chicago style blues both as a solo entertainer, in a duo format with David Anastasia and in a band format with the "Walter Lewis Blues Trio”. He was featured in the 2005- 2006 edition of Who's Who.